Matt Finn

Aaron Vickers

He is an intelligent two-way defender with good leadership qualities. He is a decent skater with speed and uses lateral shifts to gain the zone when carry- ing the puck. He is quite poised with the puck on his stick and is at his best when he skates the puck up the ice and makes quick, smart, decisive decisions with it. He runs the power play well and shows a hard, accurate shot from the point. He is effective at both ends and is smart positional-wise. The most impressive aspect of his game is
his ability to make quick decisions with the puck under pressure. He knows when to jump into the play and when not to pinch. He shows the ability to sneak down low into the offensive zone and get a quality scoring chance. He is a smart passer who transitions the puck from defense-to-offense with mostly short quick passes. He is on the ice often against the opposition’s top line and does a good job of shutting them down. He keeps an active stick in the slot and breaks up plays by placing it in lanes smartly. While not overly physical, he does tie up his man well and removes him from the play along the wall, showing a tendency to angle opposing forwards to the board and strip them of the puck. He is a general on the ice as he directs his D partner and supporting forwards consistently and communicates throughout the entire game. (May 2012)