Marcus Davidsson

Darren Walker

A well-rounded, two-way center…has a still-developing, yet strong, skating stride that produces surprising amounts of speed…solid agility and power in his still-thin legs…is not afraid to take the puck to the net or drive the crease without it, looking for a rebound opportunity…not flashy, but has skilled enough hands and strength to protect the puck as he moves through traffic…utilizes his teammates with his deft puck-distribution ability or just by utilizing them as decoys…can find seams and lanes through sticks and bodies to get pucks to teammates in prime scoring position…has good defensive awareness and is always in strong position to support the defense by applying back pressure…will pick up for teammates’ missed assignments…not physical, but will step into an opponent to separate the puck as well as battle for position deep in the offensive zone…has plenty of growth left in his game and could develop into a strong, playmaking, two-way center.