Luke Green

Aaron Vickers

Green is a puck-rushing blueliner who likes to skate with the puck on his stick. He has a solid frame and excellent mobility. His skating is very strong and he has quick feet that get him up to top speed very quickly. However, his balance seems a bit off at times. His edges are strong, staying in control on quick cuts. Green has quick cross-overs skating both forward and backward, and he takes every opportunity to rush the puck up ice. He’s not an overly physical player as he plays more of the finesse style game. At 6-foot-2, he has a large frame and the ability to put on more muscle and, hopefully, add a bit of snarl to his repertoire. His vision and passing game are strong both with medium and long-range feeds. His shot is also a weapon, although he rarely gets to set up on the power play and use it due to the glut of other players who the Sea Dogs use on the point. While his rushing and offensive abilities are strong, he tends to gets lost in the defensive zone from time to time, and has a weaker stick than we would like. Green reads the play well and knows where to go, but leaves gaps that are too large and does not always close off the puck carrier when given the opportunity to do so. He had an excellent group of defensemen in front of him against whom he has to compete for ice time. His development stagnated to an extent this season, but understanding the context on his team, he could still be quite a player.   (May 2016)