Lucas Carlsson

Aaron Vickers

Carlsson is a defenseman who plays both sides of the ice, but has some holes that need
refinement. He is mobile and is comfortable carrying the puck through all three zones. Carlsson
is a smooth-skating defender who has a load of power in his stride; he is balanced, making him
hard to knock around, with decent mobility; although, his pivots and transitions lack quickness.
He plays his defensive position with a noticeable physical edge, throwing a good hip-check or
closing off an opponent by rubbing him into the wall. But he also can be a bit of a hot-head at
times, taking bad, retaliatory penalties. He takes care of his one-on-one defensive assignments,
keeping good gaps and not letting his man past. He joins the rush fairly often and likes to show
off his offensive skill. Works the powerplay point and is constantly walking the line and quickly
moving the play to open up the defense. Has a good shot and a one-timer that is on point. He
makes some solid reads to jump up in the zone, keeping the puck in the zone and getting looks
at the net. Doesn’t always get enough muscle on his clearing attempts, sometimes leaving the
puck in a position that the opposition can turn back quickly. He also goes through inconsistent
stretches of chasing a bit defensively and taking himself out of position. His senses or decision-
making ability are the main areas that leave some unanswered questions.  (May 2015)