Linus Nassen

Aaron Vickers

Nassen is an average-sized defender with great mobility who plays a defense-first game. He has solid mobility with quick acceleration and a strong top speed, even when carrying the puck. He is balanced and strong on his feet, proving hard to knock off the puck. He will skate with the puck and uses his feet to weave through traffic with a smooth fluidity instead of deking his way around opponents with flash and skilled hands. Nassen is able to maintain possession of the puck at top speed and even make skilled plays at a high pace. He has an excellent first pass that hits its target with precision; both his long-range and short-range passes are strong. Nassen has great timing and sharpness of his passes, both while being pressed on the forecheck and while setting up in the offensive zone. He has a strong point shot that has excellent velocity and accuracy to aim for the top corners. In defensive situations, he keeps his opponent at about a stick length away until he sees his chance to use his body to separate the opposing player from the puck. He is also very skilled with his stick defensively, intercepting passes and sweeping pucks off sticks. While not a bruiser looking to throw big hits, he does use his frame to lock the opponent up along the boards and he will push opponents out of his goaltender’s sightlines. He often supports his teammates along the boards. Nassen is competitive, often looking to transition the puck as soon as he wins possession, yet wanting to be the first defenseman back.  (May 2016)