Kyle Maksimovich

Aaron Vickers

Maksimovich is a skilled offensive player with smooth hands and impressive intelligence. He is a little ball of energy who displays patience with the puck and before making a play with his explosive feet and quick hands. He has all kinds of skills tucked away that come out when you least expect it, just not on a consistent basis. Maksimovich is ready and eager to join the rush and make something happen. He has a quick and fairly accurate shot, but he lacks velocity and is only a real danger to score in close. His decision-making slows down when he gets the puck, something that isn’t bad when he has time and space, but is a real concern when he is moving up ice on the rush or in transition, two situations where the slower speed and reaction is exposed with back pressure getting on him to remove the puck. He makes skilled passes and shows off creative hands, but often he takes on the support role on his line instead of leading the offensive push. Maksimovich tends to keep himself to the outside more often than not and is really outmatched physically, even at the major junior level. A pertinent question is his durability as he is constantly getting knocked around and this may be a hindrance to him at the next level. His lack of size and diversified game will likely keep him as a late-round sleeper pick for some NHL team that thinks he can be developed to one day play in its top six.   (May 2016)