Julien Nantel

Darren Walker

A solid two-way pivot whose trajectory has been moving in the right direction all season. Nantel has good size and strength, using it regularly to finish his checks. He is a really strong checker, always picking up his man. He has a good and powerful skating stride, and is really well balanced. Nantel has above-average speed and quick three-step acceleration to reach full speed. Possesses a solid wrist shot with a fairly good release and is dangerous from the circles in off the rush. He is dangerous as the third man high cutting into the middle of the offensive zone to get a shot. Solid on the PK using his skating and positioning effectively. He also cuts off passing and shooting lanes with good stick placement. Nantel has a good work ethic with the way he plays a responsible two-way game, doing the little things well. It reminds us of a Scott Laughton-type player. He plays a complete game, but we feel he can do a bit more offensively. Played a limited supporting role and did not get prime ice time this season, but still showed improvement in his overall game. He was more con dent with the puck and made quicker decisions as the season progressed. (May 2014)