Juho Lammikko

Darren Walker

Lammikko is a big, lanky forward who doesn’t have the greatest feet or skating ability, but picks up speed coming down the wing or when busting down the middle of the ice with the puck. He has a powerful drive to the net, and he likes to drive his way to the goal off the rush. He is tough to stop when he dips his shoulder and moves in. He has a strong handle on the puck, using his body to protect it effectively. He isn’t the most creative player, but he has a couple of tricks up his sleeve with the puck. Lammikko is strong around the net, and he will nd scoring chances around the slot. He also has a hard wrist shot coming off the rush, which he likes to use. He has solid passing skills, and sees the ice well from the rush and below the goal. Lammikko is a competitive player, and he will get involved on the walls and in the corners to battle for puck possession. He isn’t the greatest defensive player, but he comes back and provides an honest effort. We think he has some pro upside. Big and skilled. (May 2014)