Josh Morrissey

Darren Walker

Morrissey is a strong, two-way blue liner with some excitement to his game. He has elite lev- el mobility displaying good transitions and edge work. He roams the ice and does so gracefully. Smooth as silk. His first few steps are top notch and allow him to press the play up ice. His ability to skate the puck out of trouble is also evident. He may pick the puck out of a scrum and before you can blink he has taken two strong steps up ice and puts it on a teammates stick. He is one of the best puck moving defenseman in the WHL. His feet match his mind, as Morrissey doesn’t overthink things, knows when to make a quick pass, quick chip, or delay and hold the puck to avoid the forecheck. He does that all with great puck control as one of his true strengths. He makes very tough passes look way too easy. Morrissey is very con dent running a power play and shows a lot of poise on the blue line. He doesn’t have an overpowering shot but he has a knack for getting a quick wrist shot into the goalies pads creating a rebound. He plays his position well, so if he gets a bit bigger he will be a force. Uses his body positioning very well, despite not being the biggest guy with the longest reach. Extremely smart player with high hockey IQ. He’s not a killer physically, but definitely doesn’t back down. When defending, if he needs to hit you, he will. Also plays with a ton of grit in his game, loves to engage after whistles, push and shove and stand up for his teammates. (May 2013)