Jonah Gadjovich

Aaron Vickers

Gadjovich is a big-bodied winger who does most of his damage around the crease. He proves to be a solid skater whether through quick lateral movements to get the around an opponent or strong edge work along the boards protecting the puck from an opponent. He has good foot speed and possesses above-average quickness for a player already weighing over 200 pounds. He supports the puck carrier across the blue line and then sets up shop in front of the net. He battles extremely hard and is solid on his feet, rarely getting moved out of a good screening position. ‘Like a dog on a bone’ is the best way to describe his effort level as he works to get to the crease, staying in front of the net and attempting to clean up any loose garbage. He has a strong shot and the confidence to shoot quickly off the rush. He is an intimidating physical presence on the forecheck and along the wall, using his size to bully opponents physically and separate his man from the puck. He has soft hands for a bigger player, keeping the puck away from his body and using his large wingspan to protect it. He is sturdy along the wall, and uses his smooth hands in board battles to dig tough pucks off the boards and keep it moving around the outside of the offensive zone helping his team get set-up. Gadjovich is still learning how to play in his own end and remains somewhat of a north-south player, but he’s got an impressive combination of size and skill as a likely bottom-six forward who plays a grinding role at the NHL level.