John MacLeod

Aaron Vickers

Highly reliable and consistent, MacLeod is one of those underrated prospects who will end up going high on draft day. MacLeod is a mobile puck-mover who excels in several areas of the game. He is a strong skater with very effective and quick footwork, powerful on his edges and able to get out of trouble. He accelerates nicely end to end and has the ability to take the puck with him. He sees the ice and feels the game very well. He does a great job at turning his team up ice quickly, making accurate, con dent outlet passes from his own zone. From the blue line, he supports his forwards nicely and anticipates the play well, knowing when to pinch and when to take a step back and prepare to face a rush. MacLeod has a very effective point shot with a good release and plenty of power behind it. He is more of a shooting defenseman on the PP than a QB. Defensively, MacLeod is one of those simple, but highly effective players. He doesn’t run around trying to land a hit, but he does use his body well and likes to stand players up as they enter the zone with the puck. He is a hard hitter and a tough player to beat one on one. He gets on his man quickly and does a good job taking away space and lanes from puck carriers. He is a calculated decision maker on the backend and became a very reliable defenseman for the U.S. program during the season. (May 2014)