John Gibson

Aaron Vickers

A very big frame and solid athleticism make him the top goaltender by a long shot in 2011. Has the size to naturally ll the net and stays square to the shooter. Has a calm- ness and maturity about him that you do not see often in a tender his age. Goes side-by-side quickly and does not make any unnecessary moments to open holes in his butter y. Does not get shaken easily and has the big game mentality where he plays up to the level of the game. Focused and shakes off the odd soft goal quickly. Con dent in his abilities and has a never give up mentality that you want in your goalie since between the ears has a lot to do with how your stopper performs on the ice. Has game stealing ability and looks like the real deal as a future NHL franchise stopper. Not the best puck handling goaltender out there and in today’s NHL with de- fenders being run through the boards on the forecheck, an active puck moving stopper is a luxury many teams covet. (May 2011)