Joey Dudek

Aaron Vickers

Dudek is a great skater with a superb hockey IQ and a knack for playmaking. Good acceleration and top speed with good balance and jump in his step. He has a solid frame and strength that he uses effectively along the boards. He attacks the puck with energy and plays bigger than he is. His biggest weakness is his lack of physicality. He doesn’t appear to like when the game takes a physical turn, and therefore plays primarily on the perimeter. That said, he does win a fair amount of puck battles in open ice throughout the neutral zone. He possesses soft hands and it shows when he works the cycle. He won’t drive toward the net very often, but he is very good at setting up the cycle and creating quick plays. Good vision and smart thinker. Makes quick, easy plays; nothing overly fancy, but it works when he’s winning battles along the boards. Defensively, he has a decent presence down the middle as the line’s center, but like most high school prospects, he did not command defensive presence. He is more offensively skilled than he is defensively. (May 2014)