Janne Kuokkanen

Aaron Vickers

Kuokkanen is a very intelligent player and gives the impression he always knows what to do with the puck, even before he receives it. He is always one step ahead of the opposing players, sometimes even of his own teammates. He moves extremely well with and without the puck. He is a fluid skater who keeps his head up, and is always looking to make a play. Kuokkanen works exceptionally hard to retrieve loose pucks, and has a bit of grit to his game. He’s a creative forward who has excellent puck-distribution skills, and loves to one-touch pass the puck. His pass is very powerful and accurate. Kuokkanen’s quick feet and smooth hands are the attributes that stand out the most. He has excellent ability to accelerate and battle his way through traffic. Adding a bit of meat to his frame would definitely benefit his style, and allow him to win a lot more battles and maintain consistent puck control along the boards. His neutral and defensive zone game is very effective as he cuts passing lanes very well, backchecks effectively and takes away space with his active stick. He communicates actively on the ice and advises his fellow forwards on plays from the faceoff. He understands the game very well mentally and makes smart decisions. Kuokkanen gets himself into perfect position in and around the slot area to get his quick and dangerous one-timer on net.   (May 2016)