Janik Moser

Aaron Vickers

Moser is one of those players who hasn’t made the loudest noise in his draft year, but is still a player with the skill and upside to be picked. Moser is a powerful defenseman, and has very good offensive skill and awareness. A shooter over a passer, Moser can move the puck, but much rather prefers getting into the zone and powering off a hot and heavy shot. He has a quick release on both his slap shot and wrist shot, and he does a nice job of getting them through. He has a very hard slap shot that caught goaltenders off guard at times this season. Moser makes a good pass out of his own end when facing pressure, and has a strong, explosive stride that he uses to take the puck end to end. He has great acceleration and quick feet. Moser displayed very strong anticipation offensively during the season, especially during the WJC with Team Germany. He likes to get involved in the in-zone offense, and will pinch low to get involved and create scoring chances. He is a good supporting defenseman on the PP and likes to use his blast of a shot. Moser is a tough defenseman who likes to get involved physically and throw his body to hurt. One issue that did appear at times during the season is that Moser would appear to tire out and stop using his body late in the game. When he does use his size and strength, he is very effective. He is aggressive defensively, and likes to take time and space away quickly. His aggressive nature does take him out of position from time to time, and that needs some work. (May 2014)