Jamie Oleksiak

Aaron Vickers

Towering physical imposing specimen of a man and he is still growing! Has NHL teams drooling over the possibility of adding a defenseman whose wingspan practically covers the entire defensive zone. Has unbelievable mobility and powerful stride for such a young big guy and unexpected speed to stay with the little guys when they attack from the outside. Willing and able to play it physical although he is not really a bruiser. Possesses an absolute rocket of a point shot as one would expect with his size and strength. While his game currently based on keeping the opposition from scoring and his skills quite raw, his development trajectory is such that an added offensive element is not out of the question. While his skills are just starting to be polished he still has a lot of work to do especially when it comes to his passing game and offensive contributions. Hockey sense and anticipation are questionable and that booming shot is only effective when he has the time and space to get it off his stick which is not too often. (May 2011)