Jakub Vrana

Darren Walker

Vrana is an offensive-minded winger looking to make a difference on the scoreboard each and every game. He is a pretty good skater, showing an outstanding burst of speed with the puck through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone. Shifty and hard to contain as he is just as quick laterally as he is going forward. Vrana does a good job creating offense away from the puck, utilizing his ability to slink around and get into open position for scoring chances. Grade-A shot, especially the velocity, but accuracy is also good. He has a good backhander, too. However, there’s aspects to work on in this department. Sometimes he seems to hesitate when given a good shooting opportunity. Also, he needs to improve his one-timer consistency. He’s also inconsistent when it comes to passing. Some days he’s really good at it, other days he just can’t find an open lane. Vrana can make hard, accurate passes both in the neutral zone and in the offensive zone. His attitude to the defensive game was fine as he supported the defensemen pretty well. Good forechecker, too. Physically, he is not afraid to go to the gritty areas and pay a price for a scoring opportunity. Vrana thrives in a go-to role for his team, but he needs to realize hockey is a team game. (May 2014)