Jake Walman

Aaron Vickers

Walman is an extremely fluid skater with great poise and puck skills. A very quick first step and excellent recovery speed. Is agile and quick on his feet, transitioning the puck up ice constantly. He always makes the best play on the breakout, seeing lanes open- ing up and shifting defensive coverage with his excellent vision. Makes a strong first pass and shows ashes of creativity as a playmaker. Has a very nice shot that is hard and accurate, a real weapon on the point. His shot will only get stronger as he gains weight. He can try to get too fancy at times, and that can get him in trouble as simple is often the answer at this level of play. He’s not a big guy, but he throws his weight around on the boards and the puck never seems to be in his end for long when he’s on the ice. He is hard to hit for forecheckers because of his quickness in moving the puck, fleet feet and impressive vision. Desperately needs to gain some muscle and will have time to do so this summer before heading off to Providence. (May 2014)