Jake Virtanen

Darren Walker

An offensive minded winger with an impressive blend of physicality and finesse. Virtanen is a solid skater with both an explosive burst and high-end top speed. He is also very strong on his feet along the boards, making him difficult to contain due to his combination of speed and strength. Virtanen is a very con dent player with the puck on his stick. He displays quick hands in the corners and is a threat to break through defensive coverage with very little time or space needed. He is able to create options for himself by consistently having the puck in a position to either shoot or pass. The ease and speed at which he corrals pucks off the outside edge of his skates is well above his peers. Virtanen is an adequate passer, however there is no question he is a shoot-first player. If he has the puck in a dangerous spot in the offensive zone, he is probably going to shoot. He is dangerous every time on the ice with his speed and an absolute bullet of a shot. He has an exceptionally quick release, and requires little space or time to unleash his cannon. Virtanen is particularly strong when driving to the net and creating havoc. He is very adept at picking corners and finding weak spots in the opposing goaltender. Virtanen is a very physical play- er. He punishes defenders on the forecheck and explodes into hits. Virtanen also uses his strength to rag the puck in the offensive zone. He is very strong against the boards and rarely loses battles. Virtanen displays elite offensive-zone skills. He can beat you with speed or strength, and is always looking to attack the net. Virtanen consistently drives the play when he has the puck and is not content with simply moving it around the perimeter. He has a solid understanding of defensive assignments and he has good awareness, but certainly his main focus is in the offensive zone (May 2014)