Jake Oettinger

Darren Walker

Big and athletic puckstopper in the prototypical NHL goalie mold…covers a lot of the net with his natural size and mobility…has long legs that cover much of the lower net when he drops into the butterfly…handles rebounds well as he either directs them to open space or suffocates them in his pads…is fluid and quick, pushing post-to-post and maintains good position when he is forced to move laterally…comes out to challenge shooters…handles pressure well and fights for his crease…is poised and calm, looking effortless on most changes…looks confident, like he knows where the puck is going and sets up for each initial shot…can make a scrambling save as well because of his athleticism…tracks the puck well, but this is one area that he could continue to improve…could start at BU as a freshman…has very good upside as an NHL starter. (November 2016)