Jake Leschyshyn

Aaron Vickers

A hard working center who is solid in both zones and a physical presence with or without the puck, using his momentum to bowl over the opposition…has good touch with the puck…skating ability just screams power as he forcefully skates like a bullet shot out of rifle maximizing each stride…has the quickness and tools to be an effective in transition…makes adjustments to protect the puck…loves to shoot the puck and can quickly gather pucks and whistle them on net…has good vision of the ice…lives for the lower half of the o-zone where space is tight and he can quickly pivot to a lane for a quick chance…compete is ratcheted to 10 on every play and he goes all out…all over the ice putting pressure on the forecheck before coming all the way back to support in his teams zone…has the compete to get into shot lanes and make tough plays on the boards…IQ also allows him to recognize plays that he can make to impact opponents chances…never seems to be static on the ice…relentless motor…will likely play pro as he has the work ethic and smarts to play a bottom six role at the very least.  (November 2016)