JC Lipon

Aaron Vickers

Lipon is an active forward with offensive upside. He has feet that seem to always be in motion and that helps him with his quickness but his straight-line speed is lacking. He thinks the game extremely quickly and has great anticipation skills. A very energetic forward with good acceleration, Lipon can spin off opponents and is a pain on the forecheck. Despite his average size, he shows good physicality to his game. He isn’t afraid to attack with energy, and not afraid to go into the dirty areas and battle for the puck. He shows ashes of creativity combined with quick decision making. He is poised, calm, and has good control over the puck but lacks high end puck skills. Lipon’s wrist shot is accurate but lacks the velocity to be a real weapon. He can make some strong passes but is not overly creative or able to wow you with his playmaking ability. Defensively, he is effective at breaking up offensive plays and causing turnovers both with his stick and positioning. (May 2013)