Ivan Lodnia

Aaron Vickers

A high-skill player with impressive body-strength and possession skills that loves to play with quick bursts and high tempo… an undersized centreman with a no quit motor…does not let anything stop him from going where he wants on the ice…has some real quick hands and has the ability to get creative with the puck as he enters the offensive zone, deking his man or seaming a pass right through a tight gap…despite his size he is a very difficult player to take off the puck…an attack mentality, attacking off the wing, driving the net off the rush and coming out of the corners with an eye towards the slot…good stick, able to redirect shots and pucks on goal…a quick shot release…excellent awareness with the puck, somehow just knowing where his options are…in full alert of his surroundings… a firecracker who doesn’t stop working in his pursuit of possession…has some risk to his game but also some major upside.  (November 2016)