Henri Ikonen

Aaron Vickers

A hard working drive the puck to the net type of forward. Lacks in the high-end offensive skills that some of his fellow Finn’s possess but what he lacks he makes up for in drive and work ethic. A warrior along the wall and in puck battles, willing to get his hands dirty. He shows good vision and strength coming off the wall and the ability to thread the needle with passes to open line mates. Has a hard shot himself but lacks the consistent sense to get himself in open position enough to fully utilize it. Has good hands that he uses to maintain possession of the puck. Willing to take a hit to make a play. Protects it well using his body positioning. Skates well but lacks jump and the high-end agility as some games he looks like he has heavy boots while other times his skating looks just fine. Has some good raw characteristics build upon but has a ways to go to become an impact forward. Needs to improve his foot speed and work on edges. (May 2012)