Greg Meireles

Aaron Vickers

A smart centre with impressive levels of speed, grit and offensive ability…a determined little player that sees the game develop well…an explosive skater with quick two step acceleration…has a quick shot that is on target…has the ability to read the play and adapt to be in the right spots…the puck just finds his stick…makes some skilled passes through traffic and onto his targets tape…knows where to be to support the puck carrier…will take the bumps needed to create an opportunity…lack of size does not limit his feisty play as he shows no fear in mixing it up in front of the net and in the gritty areas every chance he gets… uses speed on the forecheck to force the puck carrier into making quick decisions…uses smarts and speed to gain position on the man in defensive situations…is strong in transition, can take control of the game with the puck, and is quick to react to the play…has the ability to handle or settle a jumping puck while moving at high speeds…high hockey IQ, explosive speed make him a potentially dangerous pro player.  (November 2016)