Francois Tremblay

Aaron Vickers

A big goaltender who uses his size well. Smooth movements side to side and looks very composed in the net. Has average speed for his size but part of that is his style of smooth movements off of good reads and not needing to scramble. His rebound control is pretty good, directing shots to empty space or smothering it entirely in his chest. His positioning and angles play is a plus as well. Shows the mental strength to put a bad goal or game behind him and come out focused for his next challenge. Can have trouble tracking the puck and fight his confidence at times and needs to play his game with more consistency. Like many big goaltenders does not challenge the shooter enough which leaves holes for shooters to try for. Has displayed a solid glove and quick pad save ability in stealing away a sure goal but then will let some in that have no business being tallies. With a little work on his footwork, speed and aggressive positioning he could develop into a very good tender prospect. (May 2012)