Filip Zadina

Aaron Vickers

Zadina is a dangerous goal-scorer in the making…is a strong and balanced skater…makes plays with his feet and hands…is able to dangle with the puck through defenders in the tightest areas of the ice and create chances out of nothing…has an offensively creative mind and imagination, and isn’t shy to try whichever move comes to mind…sets his teammates up with smart passes…very good hockey sense…has an absolutely lethal shot, great release…gets himself into excellent position to get his shots off….likes to come down the wing with speed and cut to the middle for a chance, as he gets the goalie moving and opening up holes…he possesses a nifty backhand that he needs very little time and space to deposit when working around the crease…slides into board battles undetected to find and scoop up pucks to drive possession…very sneaky player who always seems to end up in a scoring position with the puck…great poise with the puck and calm under pressure…offensive dynamo…certainly has the potential to develop into a top-end player at the NHL level. (July 2017)