Evan Fitzpatrick

Aaron Vickers

Fitzpatrick is a big, mobile goaltender who is very smooth and systematic in the crease. He’s an all-around polished goaltender who has good size and plays the angles well on initial shots. He has a strong lateral push, comes out to cut down the open net behind him and covers a lot of ground quickly, while maintaining full control of his movements. Fitzpatrick has excellent rebound control and an ability to quash dangerous offensive attacks. He plays deeper in the net than he needs to when the puck is in his zone, but with his size and quick reflexes, he can make up for playing a little deeper better than a smaller tender would be able to. He is also a strong puckhandler who can leave his crease to set up pucks and even fire a breakout pass to his defenders. He is an athletic goalie with solid reflexes, good pad extension and silky-smooth lateral movements in his crease. He has excellent posture and a stance that makes him look unbeatable for opponents coming in off the rush. Fitzpatrick can go through stretches where he struggles in making the easy save and gets beat a couple times on plays that should be easier to stop. We feel this is a focus issue and he will have to continue to work at sealing off angles to ensure proper net coverage on sharp-angle shots. He has the big size you look for in a modern-day goalie, and with his strength and fluidity in the crease, he has the potential to become a starter at the highest level.   (May 2016)