Evan Barratt

Aaron Vickers

Barratt is an offensive point producer who plays both ends of the ice. He’s an above-average skater, with a smooth stride that generates speed quickly and allows him to be dangerous in tight spaces. He’s agile on his edges and can cover a lot of ground side-to-side due to a strong lower half. He’s a talented puck handler who always has his head on a swivel, keeping track of the play and looking for open passing lanes. His vision is one of his most notable assets, as he is able to keep the puck-moving around the offensive zone quickly, often times with tough cross-ice passes and plays made under pressure. He is more of a playmaker than a shooter, and he passes up some good opportunities to shoot in favour of the pass on odd-man rushes or good looks at the net. He’s got good defensive awareness and understands the defensive responsibilities of a center, coming deep into the zone to support the puck and cover open lanes in the slot. He isn’t overly physical and can be pushed around when in control of the puck along the boards, but he doesn’t shy from physical play and his ability to cycle the puck well will only improve with increased strength. Barratt still has a few areas he needs to improve to become a scoring threat at higher levels, but the skating ability, two-way play, and ability to consistently create scoring chances with his vision are tough to teach.