Esa Lindell

Aaron Vickers

A big body two-way defenseman who has some good pro-potential. His game is still very raw and has loads of room to grow. Has a decent enough straight line speed but his lateral mobility and first few steps off the mark are lacking. For a pinching defender you want him to be able to recover with his feet and Lindell, as of right now, does not show the ability to do so. Defensively he has some deficiencies with regards to how he approaches defending. His positioning is poor as are his reads. He gets beat by speed and the slick skaters because of his mobility issues and he does not utilize his impressive size enough to box out attackers. With that said, he has very intriguing smarts in regard to what to do with the puck. He sees lanes opening up and can get his forwards the puck effectively. He is not afraid to rush the puck himself and his shot from the point is another positive as he gets it on net consistently. He is at his best when he is playing physical, not over handling the puck but instead dishing it off to a forward entering the offensive zone and being more conservative defensively. His offensive numbers this year are more being a product of a high scoring environment and big ice time. Lindell has some intriguing upside but still needs loads of time to reach his upside. (May 2012)