Eric Roy

Darren Walker

Roy is a big kid with a very solid skill set. He does a bit of everything; is a good skater for his size, can pass, has a big shot, is rugged and he’s pretty decent defensively. He definitely needs to work on his overall quickness and east-west mobility but once he gets going he’s got a nice big powerful stride. Roy shows very good control of the puck and good stickhandling skills, is able to handle the puck along the boards and make a fore checker miss. He possesses a rocket of a shot with a good release. He also has a nice, rugged edge to his game. He pushes, battles and engages after whistles. Defensively, he displays nice stick work and a long reach, uses his body well as he will separate the opponent from the puck. At times, he’s looked extremely lazy on backchecks so once again it comes back to work ethic with him. He looks like one of those guys with all the talent in the world, average hockey sense and mediocre drive however the drive can be fixed. His game has far too much inconsistency right now but all the tools to develop into a strong prospect. (May 2013)