Edward Pasquale

Aaron Vickers

Size and focus are the two main strengths of his game when its on…looks huge in net and does not leave a lot of open net behind him…had nights where an NHL team would be lucky to put one by him…plays a hybrid style of partly stand-up and partly butterfly…his quickness is underrated…flashes a quick glove and uses his stick correctly to close five hole or poke the puck away from attackers…plays with a never give up attitude…his footwork is good in his crease and he plays aggressive when needed…he has good athleticism but correctly lest his big frame do most of the work…he controls his rebounds well. Has trouble with shots around both elbows as they seem to handcuff him…consistency in his game to game focus is also an issue…he goes down too early and has a low stance otherwise causing the top portion of net to often be left open…lateral mobility is an area that needs technical correction as he does not push off with enough strength…conditioning is an area that needs to be addresses over the summer. (May 2009)