Dylan Larkin

Darren Walker

Larkin is a strong, powerful, two-way forward with a high complete level. He is an absolute rocket in his skates and one of the top skaters in this draft. He reaches his top speed very quickly and he gets end to end in seconds. He has great lateral mobility and top-end agility. He uses his quickness to elude opposing defensemen. Larkin is a high-end possession player with excellent strength on the puck and great balance on his edges to take the puck wide and muscle his way to the net. He isn’t huge, but he is very strong and hard to knock off the puck. He is not overly flashy, but is highly effective, quick and deceptive with the puck. Larkin is a highly intelligent player with and without the puck. He makes decisions with the puck, typically the correct ones, almost immediately, and he seems to know what he is doing before he receives a pass. He handles and deals out passes very well. He is a quick, efficient puck-mover with the ability to set up teammates and make plays happen. Larkin has a very good shot with a great release. It isn’t just the quickness of his release that’s impressive, but it is the deception. He will make you think pass, and you’ll be wrong. He has a very good wrist-shot with a good release and he gets into very good scoring positions. He does seem to be a pass-first player, though. Larkin’s effort never wanes and he gives his best each shift. He is a high-compete, high-intelligence, three-zone center. He doesn’t destroy players with his big, physical hits, but he does a great job riding guys off the puck and outmuscling players to win possession. He battles and competes hard for the puck. His defensive effort is just as good as his effort with the puck. He is smart and gets into great supporting areas, and he does a great job adjusting to the position and decisions of his linemates. He backchecks hard and gets into good areas to help on defense. He supports well down low and impedes with a quick, active stick and aggressive playing style.