Derrick Pouliot

Aaron Vickers

Pouliot is another slick, puck-moving defenseman who loves to start the breakout with his great outlet game. Pouliot is a strong skating defenseman with a smooth, powerful stride and isn’t afraid to rely on his skills to move the puck up ice. He displays a wide skating stride, is strong on his skates and has ability to get back into play if he pinches into the zone for a chance. He possesses the ability to log heavy minutes and not wear down from fatigue. He plays a pro-style game in Portland, con- trolling the pace of the game with his patience and poise. He plays a calm game and doesn’t typically panic with the puck. He isn’t overly physical, but can take the body. He has a bit of cockiness to him, but not in a bad way. He is good with the puck, sees the ice well and makes good consistent tape-to-tape passes. An elite playmaker with smooth hands and the ability to finish on the rush as well, Pouliot has a good shot that is accurate but not overly heavy. He tends to jump up into the play very often and likes to get involved on the offensive side of things. He definitely generates most of his offense with his playmaking skills and is more of a passer then a shooter as he makes great passes to spring players on the break. He uses a long stick for knocking pucks off of the attacking player’s blade entering the zone. He has top-notch offensive instincts and vision, and the ability to slip into the cracks and slide unnoticed into scoring position. He can control the tempo of a game when he is at his best. (May 2012)