Connor Hall

Aaron Vickers

Hall is a physical, defensive-minded blueliner. He gets into the face of his man in all areas, playing him especially tight in and around the net. He is competitive, playing physical on the wall and mixing it up after the whistle in an attempt to knock his opponents off their game. Hall could add more power to his lower body, ultimately improving his overall game, though this will come with time in the weight room. He displays some offensive instincts as he pinches to the slot providing a pass option. However, when the puck doesn’t come, he wastes no time in turning back and retreating to his position. Hall communicates nice and loud in the defensive zone, and can be heard on the other side of the rink. He sees developing plays well and is fairly quick to react or point out to his backcheckers where to go. Hall uses his stick very well in angling the man to the outside, where he can either get his stick on the puck or finish the check and remove the man from the puck. He is quick reacting to pull behind the net and lend support in puck battles, then fish the puck out and turn it up ice in a matter of seconds. His passes are crisp and leading for the most part. Hall has some puck-moving ability, though it isn’t anything he forms his game around. This will be a positive at the next level as he plays a solid shut-down game with the ability to make a solid first pass.   (May 2016)