Connor Chatham

Aaron Vickers

Chatham is an above-average skater with solid jump off his first step. He can change speeds as he skates up ice and is smooth in transition. He uses his grit, hands and vision to be successful. He handles the puck very well, and can get creative with his passes, knowing exactly where his teammates are going to be without even taking a look. He is a smart player who possesses a lively hockey sense. He sees the ice very well, and sees lanes open through traffic and takes advantage of them. Chatham is aggressive on the forecheck and attacks defenders on the point with no let up, forcing them to make mistakes. While he is a little slow on the backcheck, he knows where to be defensively and picks up his man well. Chatham has a quick release with a distinguished release point, and has the ability to slow the game down with the puck on his stick. He looks for options with the puck and is a physical force who delivers big open ice hits. He doesn’t always engage along the wall and waits for the play to come to him more often than not. Not one to generate numerous chances himself, but is strong in the greasy areas as someone who gets to the net and can bang home a puck or two. (May 2014)