Colin Grannary

Aaron Vickers

Grannary is a strong power forward who is a heads-up guy showing that he is really effective in the neutral zone and defensive zone. He reads plays well and positions himself where he is able to best an opponent by taking away his space or knocking away a chance. He has a tenacity that keeps him fighting to win battles and keep the tempo cranked to a 10. Grannary showed that he will do whatever is needed physically to get to his spot on the ice. He hasn’t pieced it all together by any means, but he has a big toolbox and does the little things that add up. His skating is not yet dynamic, but he has some jump in his first step that allows him to get into a full stride quickly. Grannary uses good balance and edge work, combined with awareness of his surroundings, to keep pivoting away from opponents, remain elusive and protect the puck. He has the hands to be selective with his passes and still hit his mark. Grannary uses the soft pass well when the situation is appropriate. He has skilled hands and although he isn’t always pretty or textbook, he usually seems to come away with the puck. He shows great determination and really loves to be in position to drive the net for most of his chances. He likes to bang and crash into the crease and play the role of trash man. Grannary’s not a dynamic player, but he does well with what he has, getting to gritty areas and in front of the net to work for the puck. He is good in the faceoff circle and ties his man up to take control of the puck.   (May 2016)