Colby Sissons

Aaron Vickers

Sissons is a strong two-way defender who is rapidly developing his game and physical stature. There doesn’t seem to be anything really flashy about his game, as it’s more smooth and straight ahead, although he can play a scrappy style. He is capable of moving the puck up ice and creating offense with smooth passes D-to-D and down into the slot area. Sissons doesn’t have a perfect skating style and lacks leg strength, but he is capable of developing a head of steam with a few quick strides. His growing confidence this season enables him to comfortably skate the puck up ice and off the line for a look at the net. Sissons has an accurate shot that he is capable of releasing on target with little hesitation. He doesn’t have great puck skills, but he keeps his feet moving and is good at protecting the puck using his lanky frame. There’s a little bit of impatience in his defensive game, but he does a satisfactory job of controlling the play in his end. The lanky rearguard does a good job of staying with his man, although he sometimes goes for the puck instead of the body, to no avail. Sissons tries, but needs more strength to take out his man at the net front or on the boards. He sees play development, but just needs to deal with the execution to become a consistent factor defensively. He grew into a role with the second power play and penalty kill units for the lowly Broncos this season. Sissons is a bit of a wild card who has come along in his debut Dub season, especially during the last two months. He could be a draft day steal if his trajectory continues on this steep path. There’s lots of raw material here to work with.  (May 2016)