Cody Ceci

Aaron Vickers

Ceci’s progression this season has been outstanding. From our initial viewing at the NHL R&D to now, he may have been the one player who has grown the most all year. His mobility, with a focus on his lateral movement and acceleration, has really improved as well. There has been a big jump in Ceci’s mobility and his footwork. He looks to have added some speed to his game. Always known as a strong defense–first defenseman, Ceci is now showing that he has some interesting offensive upside. He was aggressive with the puck, skating it out of his end and either passing it off to a teammate or skating it into the offensive zone. He has one of the strongest shots in the league, both accurate and heavy. He has smart positioning in his own end. He has really improved his puck skills and is showing the ability to create offense from the back end. He has the size and strength to consistently win puck battles down low at his own end. He blocks shots and closes off passing lanes with positioning and his active stick-handling. He shows a strong anticipation for when it is time to pinch into the zone for added offensive pressure. His combination of size, mobility and puck skills make him an intriguing player. (May 2012)