Clayton Keller

Darren Walker

Keller is an absolute offensive stud in the making. He has the ability to create space and time with his exceptional skating ability, quick turns, speed, acceleration and elusiveness. He’s incredible at handling the puck in traffic. He tries things with the puck that other players don’t even dream of doing. Keller sees the play develop exceptionally well, and isn’t afraid to make the creative play in hopes of getting on the score sheet. His skating ability is nearly flawless. He’s so quick with his stops and starts, and has breakaway speed. Keller is truly a nightmare to defend, especially for those bigger, lumbering defenders.  The aspects of his game that are at elite levels are his vision and playmaking ability. His creativeness is just outstanding as he looks like he is in a class of his own every time the puck is on his stick. He combines his deceptive fakes and stick work to make highlight-reel plays at any given moment. A real calm customer, Keller isn’t fazed by bigger/ stronger defenders, and when in tight, he uses his dynamic combination of skills to find ways to get to the net. When not using his vision and playmaking ability to set up others in prime real estate, he isn’t afraid to rip the puck on net with a quick release and deadly accurate shot. He is consistently buzzing around the net to find loose pucks and works really hard to transition the play from his own zone. Keller isn’t the most physical player, but he still gets his quick stick to the right spots to create turnovers, to retrieve the puck or to deflect shots on defense. (May 2016)