Cameron Morrison

Aaron Vickers

Morrison is an offensive-minded center who possesses solid size and skill. He likes to go to the area around the net front and often gets to the top of the crease anticipating pucks headed his direction. He shows that he has quick hands in tight, finding pucks quickly and getting them on the net. Morrison has a good motor and drive to his game, using his powerful skating stride to try to keep up with the play. He gets the play moving in the right direction and has the skilled hands to carry the puck through the offensive zone and find a good passing lane. Morrison has a nose for the net, finds seams and can get a quick shot off in tight. He has a strong ability to protect the puck and lean against defenders until they tire. There are no easy minutes when defending him along the wall. Morrison also has an understated offensive mind. He is not flashy by any means, however, he sees the ice well and finds teammates in tight spaces. He also has a knack for winning battles for loose pucks and rebounds. He struggles to create separation from defenders and is caught from behind due to his slow foot speed. With the emphasis placed on speed in today’s NHL playing to his main weakness, he will have a hard time impacting the game at the NHL level unless he improves on it. He possesses solid size and offensive skill, but struggles with the consistency of his game. Morrison has moments of effectiveness and creative offensive play, and large gaps in play where he is just invisible.   (May 2016)