Cam Fowler

Aaron Vickers

A smart and sizable defender with outstanding overall mobility and fluid skating stride. Possesses excel- lent positioning. Moves effortlessly and brings visions of Scott Niedermayer to mind when you dissect his skating ability. Pivots and transitions are flawless. Has outstanding speed and can turn on a dime. Has smarts and really thinks the game well which allows him to maintain great positioning in all zones. Has great vision and sees all of his outlets well. Passing ability is pin point accurate and he creates a lot of chances from behind the play because of it. Does not play the game with a shred of physicality. Rarely applies the body even when the situation calls for it but rather uses his other assets like an active stick and positioning to make plays instead. Has a need to work on strengthening his point shot and shortening his wind-up if he is to become a truly high end NHL powe rplay quarterback. (May 2010)