Cale Fleury

Aaron Vickers

A pass first, defensively accountable blueliner that also features some offensive upside… isn’t an overly enthusiastic straight line skater…uses his lateral footwork to avoid being turned around and keeping plays to the perimeter and away from the zones interior…manages the puck effectively and is a strong possession player who does not cough up the puck when he is pressured…is primarily a pass first guy offensively, taking a few strides up the ice before firing a connecting pass….has an intense edge to him and is a competitor who doesn’t back down physically and throws hits without taking himself out of the play…well positioned defensively and locks horns with anyone who tries to get to the front of his net…strong ability to follow the play and uses quick bursts to get into the play…has an active stick and constantly hacks at the puck carrier, being an irritable presence…shows great composure when under pressure and displays smarts when creating quick breakout plays…has the upside of a good top four two-way defenseman.  (November 2016)