Brinson Pasichnuk

Aaron Vickers

Pasichnuk is an average-sized defender who loves to jump into the rush with no hesitation every chance he gets. He will drive the puck up ice when he sees a lane, showing that he is not afraid to take it on his own and lead the attack. He has solid poise with the puck in the offensive zone as he controls it along the blueline, straddling the line before getting a shot or pass off. He makes hard, crisp outlets to open teammates and he plays with poise. He does possess very good speed when he gets moving and quick acceleration, getting up to speed in only a few short strides. He stands out at the Junior A level and looks to be a step ahead in terms of decision-making and transition ability. His disregard for his defensive position is a little bit concerning as he would not only take a risk by flying into the rush, but he would stay up in the cycle even when opportunities were available for him to get back to his point. Pasichnuk isn’t afraid to lay the body in the corner and when defending opposing zone entries, using his size and quickness to his advantage. He does a good job controlling the gap, though we wonder what his effectiveness will be when there is a faster and more skilled opponent approaching him as he was easily getting his stick on the puck immediately at this level. He plays a competitive and intense game that NHL teams are sure to like.   (May 2016)