Brett Kulak

Aaron Vickers

A safe and steady two-way defenseman. Skates with a nice wide base that generates good speed and strong balance. Is slippery and gets to where he needs to be on the ice effectively. Is smart and heady in both ends making the correct decision with and without the puck. A strong passer who is able to start the breakout well. Has a hard and accurate point shot that he gets off fairly quick. He holds his own defensively, solid one-on-one with just the perfect amount of physical play. Wins board battles with his reach and wiry strength. Plays effectively in his zone with strong body positioning and a quick stick for deflecting passes or shots. Not flashy offensively but makes solid passes, gets pucks to the net and takes what is there. The type of prospect that does not have high-end upside but could end up patrolling a NHL blue line for 15 years and helping his team to win a couple championships along the way. (May 2012)