Brandon Burlon

Aaron Vickers

While not being the biggest guy on the ice, Burlon doesn’t shy away from any battle or physical confrontation. He skates well and has very fluid overall mobility. He sees the ice well and excels at directing the play from the backend before rushing the puck up ice. His passing skills are above average and he can start a quick transition game with well-timed passes. He has a very good shot from the point, a deadly one-timer and doesn’t hesitate to pinch to contribute offensively. He has sound defensive position and uses his stick well to check and get into passing lanes. He plays with good composure and has solid leadership qualities. Burlon is a solid PP quarterback who plays a solid overall game in all three zones. Burlon is good under pressure and doesn’t panic. Brandon does a lot of things right and is a real promising prospect. (May 2008)