Austen Keating

Aaron Vickers

An energy player with a finishing touch around the net…a pass-first player who always has his head up and surveys the ice well to create for his linemates…has the offensive instincts and skating ability to blossom into a point producing machine… displays an unorthodox, choppy stride, but still a powerful skating who can create separation from defenders and works tirelessly to get in on loose pucks and win battles or provide support defensively…handles the puck extremely well…goes to the net and is a presence who has the ability to slide out into the slot to receive a pass and use a quick one-touch release to surprise goalies…does an outstanding job winning puck battles without being overly physical as he uses body positioning and an active, strong stick to lift pucks off players in traffic and make quick passes to teammates…has the developing skills to be projected as a top six offensive contributor at the next level.  (November 2016)