Anthony DeAngelo

Darren Walker

DeAngelo is the prototypical puck-moving, elite offensive defenseman. The strongest area of his game has to be his skating ability as he’s one of the best skaters not only of this draft class, but also in the entire CHL. He has incredible edge work that makes his transitioning nearly flawless. Explosive acceleration and first-step quickness. DeAngelo is able to join and lead the rush up ice, as well as be the first defender back with his recovery speed. Possesses great stick-handling ability and vision. DeAngelo’s creative with the puck, makes sharp, precise passes to teammates, likes to carry the puck on the breakout and is con dent with his shooting ability to let shots go through traffic. Gets his nose dirty every game as he wants to play physical and is willing to not only play the body, but to hack and whack his way into his opponent’s bad books. He will drop the gloves and lay the body with limited success. Has an extremely high hockey IQ, impressive positioning and intuitiveness. DeAngelo shows ashes of leadership, but needs to mature a lot to be considered a true leader. (May 2014)