Andrei Vasilevski

Aaron Vickers

A very big, powerful and athletic goaltender who plays the butterfly style. His balance and ability to read the play allow him to maintain good positioning in his crease. Vasilevski is very strong for his age. He has quick legs and a quick blocker to deflect the puck, with the ability to smother the puck into his chest. His glove is a weapon as he flashes it to rob shooters who think there is some daylight looking them in the face. He drops down early but still has the long torso to cover the upper portion of the net while he is on his knees. He is extremely flexible and able to pop back up quickly out of the butterfly. He moves very well post-to-post for such a big body. He keeps his game simple, staying in position and not straying from his crease. He hugs his posts and seals off the ice with his gigantic leg pads. He has the ability, like so many of his nation’s puck stoppers in the past, to run hot and cold. But when he is hot he is nearly unbeatable. (May 2012)