Andre Burakovsky

Darren Walker

Burakovsky is a fleet-footed offensive minded winger who has superb agility, first step acceleration and straight line speed. He can turn on a dime and control the puck while making those impressive cuts. He possesses good, quick hands and can make some creative dekes to gain the zone or beat a defender to the net. He also has the size and hand skills to protect the puck in traffic and retain control while moving into a scoring position. He makes accurate well timed passes to teammates showing good creativity in doing so. His passing skills are superb with his excellent vision, aided with his skilled hands and strong timing. Burakovsky is very impressive on the power play half-wall as he makes quick, decisive plays with the puck. He has a quick shot that is pin-point accurate and makes him extremely dangerous within 15 feet of the cage. He shows that he has decent hockey sense most of the time, but especially when on the offensive rush where he dekes and baits the opposition in until he had a clear passing lane towards an open teammate. He is most effective when he plays with an edge and drives to the net or into puck battles with abandon, showing no fear and using his skill and developing strength once there to create. (May 2013)